Advantages of service “Tamm”

Why “Tamm”?

Usually, many authorities need to go to the General Directorate of Traffic in order to finish the services of their customers, to submit various applications, and to traditionally observe such applications; for instance, to assign full-time agents or to discharge some employees from their other works.
The achievement of such services depends on the working hours and the existence of concerned employees. Indeed, this requires tremendous amount of time if we take into consideration the number of services to be achieved.

What is the service of Tamm?

The idea of “Tamm” service, developed in cooperation with the General Directorate of Traffic, is based on connecting the General Directorate of Traffic electronically with the beneficiaries, whether they are cars agencies, car showrooms, rental companies that end in ownership transfer, daily rental companies, or any other body that owns number of cars through Al-Elm Company for Information Security by using a special website developed for the service.

Who benefits from “Tamm” service?

  • New or used car agencies (car dealerships).
  • Rental companies that end in ownership transfer.
  • Daily rental companies.
  • Banks and banking sectors concerned with purchasing or renting cars. Insurance companies.
  • Public and private bodies that own a number of cars.