Informative services

Searching and Inquiry Service

This service provides the possibility for searching the expatriate‘s data by using his Iqama No. or borders entry No. which provides the following information:
Detailed information about the resident/expatriate including the following data:

  • Employer Name and No., expatriate‘s entry No. date of entry, entrance port, entry visa details (type of visa, No., date of entry and issued from) name of expatriate, Nationality, Religion, Sex, Occupation, Date and place of birth, Iqama details (No., place and date of issue, expiry) Passport No., date of issue and expiry; resident‘s status (inside or outside the Kingdom, date of exit and exit port) does he have valid travel visa (type of visa, date of issue and expiry date) other information of the expatriate (alive, dead, runaway or out of the country).
  • Inquire the information about the resident by his Iqama No. and verify data like (expatriate‘s occupation, Iqama expiry date, No. of sponsorship transfers, resident‘s current status (alive, dead, runaway or out of the country).

Lists Service

This service is one of the most important services since it provides the HR department the ability to review many lists that are important to their daily functions. Moreover, it saves a lot of time for the HR department that it takes them to prepare and produce such lists with the probability of data entry errors and some other difficulties. Listing service provides expatriates‘ status lists that are needed by HR department and cover the following data:

  • Information related to visas and that includes the following listings:
    1. List of expatriates who departed by exit re-entry visas and have not yet returned to Kingdom.
    2. List of expatriates who have final exit visa and had left the country.
    3. List of residents who have exit re-entry visas with those who have left and those who are still in the country.
    4. List of the expatriates who have final exit visa and who had departed or are still in the country.
  • Information related to the Iqamas which includes a list of the expatriates whose Iqamas have expired and those who have not yet obtained official Iqamas.
  • Information related to dependents and that includes a list of expatriates‘ all dependents and their data such as: dependent‘s registration No., dependent name, sex, and date of birth, does he have a valid visa and, if so, to indicate; type of visa, date of issue and expiry. It also indicates whether the dependent is in or outside the Kingdom.
  • Expatriate‘s information with the Traffic Department and that includes the following lists:
    1. List of driving license holders.
    2. List of expired licenses.
    3. List of license holders who have not settled their traffic fines with the type, amount and date of the traffic offense.
  • Other lists including a list of all expatriates who have claims against their employers and vice versa

Alerts Service

HR department may obtain the information about their expatriate staff from the official government departments; but are they notified of the expiry of their staff Iqamas? or of the entry of their staff to the Kingdom? and of many other notifications which will help the management taking the proper actions immediately and eliminate any fines resulted from the delay in the procedures. This service includes the following notices:

  • Alerting for the near expiry of the expatriate‘s Iqama.
  • Alerting for the near expiry of the expatriate‘s exit visa.
  • Alerting of the issuance of final exit and exit-re-entry visas for expatriates.
  • Alerting the exit of the expatriates from the Kingdom.
  • Alerting the entry of the expatriates to the Kingdom.

Documents Service

Documents service provides the following information about non-Saudis employees:

  • Getting initial exit certificate.
  • Getting final exit certificate.
  • Issuing a statement of the labor employed.
  • Issuing data correction statement.

Forms Service

Electronic forms enables HR department to automatically complete all passport department’s forms as well as the Labor’s Office Forms.