The idea of ??serving the "Tamm", which was developed in collaboration with the General Administration of the passage to link the General Traffic Department electronically with beneficiaries both car agencies, exhibitions or corporate lease-purchase or insurance companies or any other agency has a number of cars through Al-Elm for Information Security of through a dedicated web site service.
  • new car dealers and insurance companies.
  • Leasing companies.
  • Banks and banking operations linked to the purchase or rental cars.
  • Public and private entities, which owns a number of cars.
  • Car rental stores daily, monthly and which owns a number of cars.
  • Form version of a vehicle
  • View a list of vehicles
  • The actual user of the vehicle
  • Inquiry for traffic violations
  • The transfer of information and documents to secure the vehicle traffic
  • Information on driving license
  • Vehicle data check new
  • To know the serial number of the vehicle