About Sara Company


Mission Statement
We will remain one of the leading telecom service providers by being increasingly customer driven and delivering superior services.
Our business practices will be ethical, transparent and effective and will take into account the environment and social obligations.
We will pursue excellence through personnel development, innovation, teamwork and reward. Collaborate through information and resource sharing, with other organizations such other businesses, government bodies, standards bodies, and research institutions to determine new strategy and meet goals and objectives. To operate locally and globally. To transform themselves into advanced systems that are capable of constantly improving their cognitive/intellectual, learning, knowledge, etc. capabilities

Vision Statement
Vision of Sara Business Solutions is to remain a dominant player in the telecommunication sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia while also extending reliable and cost effective services to all.

Goal of Sara Business Solutions is to provide cost effective telecommunication services to every nook and corner of Saudi Arabia

We value: Teamwork, and reaching beyond job expectations open, honest communication with coworkers and customers equitable treatment for all respect of other beliefs, opinions and convictions good stewardship of all resources entrusted to us confidentiality of information protected by law or policy reliability, having the greater potential for use availability, being accessible when called for serviceability, can be readily restored productivity: greater results with minimized resource consumption greater quality of work providing greater accuracy and reliability greater responsiveness meeting customer need appropriately.  


Sara Business Solutions (SBS)

A group member of Sara Telecom Group. SBS is a leading company in Telecommunication and technical information’s.
Solutions/services cater to medium to small-sized, growth-oriented enterprises. By specializing in this market segment.
SBS targeted solutions to customer applications, which meet their quality, reliability, flexibility, budgetary requirements and cost control.
Sara Business Solutions is a Saudi company that has been carefully planned and developed over the last few years.
Extensive market research in terms of local business requirements gathered from the feedback of numerous business individuals from many different industries and professions.
Becoming a respected presence in both local and international markets.

About Sara Holding
  • Founded more than 25 years ago.
  • Employing over 3000 people distributing over the operating companies.
  • Annual Sales of $ 2 billion.

Wide Range of Industries including:
  • Telecoms, (Sara Telecom).
  • Construction
  • Real Estate
  • Petrochemicals
  • Wholesale and Retail Distribution

About Sara Telecom:
  • Owned subsidiary of Sara Holding.
  • Developed strong capabilities to distribute telecom products & services.
  • Strong retail presence, regional offices, & large Sales team representatives.
  • Enhancing set of products & solutions.
  • Provide initial Sales & Support functions to ensure ongoing “Quality of Service”

SBS products & Services
  • Muqeem ( E- Government Service)
  • Business Call (Telephony Service).
  • Network Solutions Powered by Cisco
  • Video Conferencing
  • GSM Modem


Our Five Key Values

Focusing on Customers

We listen to our customers, understand their needs and propose customized solutions and services that meet their budget, time and delivery requirements. We deliver maximum shareholder value by creating unbreakable, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.

Developing people

People are our principal resource. We empower them through our people management system and our University. It is a primary responsibility of the management to develop the employees’ skills, competencies & careers. Sara Business Solutions is an “employer of choice”.

Behaving as Entrepreneurs and Innovators

To achieve growth we encourage calculated risk taking, action oriented employees. Courage and passion are essential, we are quick to decide, quick to implement. We create measurable value through technology, systems and service innovation.

Performing through Teaming

We team our customers, partners and suppliers to create excellent solutions. We are responsive, effective and able to work in multinational, multicultural environments. We all, individually and collectively, work within our ethical code to maximize the performance of the group.

Sharing Knowledge

The creation of knowledge and the obligation to share it are keys to our success. This is achieved by encouraging curiosity and building an effective knowledge network that respects our obligations for security and customer confidentiality.

Our Priorities

Satisfying our customers has been the highest priority standard set for our staff. This means listening attentively to their requirements constantly ensuring that the products and services offered are of the highest quality, respecting commitments on delivery times and product safety and last but not least providing impeccable follow-up and support for the products and services supplied.




Smarter Business ...  Adapting Technology for a SMARTER FUTURE

Sara Business Solutions is a Saudi company that has been carefully planned and developed over the last few years. Extensive market research in terms of local business requirements gathered from the feedback of numerous business individuals from many different industries and professions has been conducted so as to be able to provide a tightly fitting service that will cater for all the "wants", "needs" and "price" objectives which are demanded of an ambitious company, with a focus to becoming a respected presence in both local and international markets.

As a company we pledge our commitment to stand out from the crowd and the stereotype that taints most Telco’s by providing a service that recognizes that "you" and your "company" are what makes us tick. For the years to come it is this sentence that will also provide you with the guarantee you require to be confident that we will make sure that each one of our clients is treated with respect, sincerity and professionalism that will bring nice thoughts every time you hear our name.